Nicole Kidman

Jun 20, 1967 in the city of Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) in the family, Anthony David Kidman and Janello Ann Makneyl born beautiful girl Nicole Mary Kidman. Almost immediately after the birth of a daughter they moved to Washington, where Nicole's father - biochemist - engaged in research on cancer cells. By the time the research was a girl of four years, and the whole family went to the Anthony home and Janello - to Australia, where they were children and youth years, Nicole.

She early manifested creativity. In 3 years, the future actress was admitted to the ballet school at 10 - in the school drama, and then successfully played the Australian Youth Theater and the Theater of Philip Street.

In 14 years, was teledebyut Nicole, and then followed by several TV and serials.

The main role in the movie «Dead calm» (1989), directed by Phillip Neuss to Nicole Kidman was the first step on the way to conquer Hollywood. This was followed by roles in the film «Days of Thunder» (1990), which became the turning not only to the fate of the film, but in the privacy of the actress.

Screen novel handsome Tom Cruise and Nicole peretek charming in real life and ended with the wedding. Long marriage Kidman and Cruz was considered ideal for Hollywood. Marital happiness, only tempered by the absence of their children until the problem was not solved adoption of two kids (daughter Isabella and son Connor).

Long time film critics refused to accept Nicole seriously, but they had to change their opinion after pictures Ghasan Wang Senta "to die for ..." (1995) and "Portrait of Lady" (1996), in which Kidman has demonstrated his superb acting ability.
But Nicole has decided to focus on "smart" films and acted in 1997 with George Clooney in the militia "Peacemaker" with Sandra Bullock in a romantic ribbon "Practical Magic". Movies are not enjoyed great success with the audience; attracted much more attention to the return of the actress on the theatrical stage. The play "The Blue Room" in which Nicole has played several roles, one of which contained a scene where an actress was to appear before the public completely naked, with the boards was in theaters in London and New York and received very good reviews of critics.

This is a test of family ties Cruz Kidman began shooting the psychological drama of a pair of Stanley Kubrick «With widely closed eyes» (1999). As a result, one of the most outwardly successful Hollywood marriage is an example to others for more than 10 years apart.

How is it not ironic, but after the break with Cruise, Nicole career has gone up rapidly. «Moulin Rouge», in which the actress proved to the world that, in addition to acting talent it has and exceptional vocal abilities, brought the world a good cashier and brought actress nomination for «Oskra» - fortune turned away from her, but this has not stopped to get her another, not less prestigious award - «Golden Globe» for best actress. This award has become the starting point for the success of the band, which continues with the actress and to this day.

I must say that the past few years have given a very successful actress - she managed to play major roles in more than 10 tapes, where the variance was also very wide - from the simple to the comedy festival «Dogvilya» Lars Von Trier - the author's bold project, one of the favorites Cannes Film Festival in 2003, proved that Kidman is not afraid to experiment and do not focus on Hollywood cinema.

13 January 2003 the actress received a star on the Alley of Glory in Hollywood.

Nicole is a perfume brand Channel No. 5.

According to the magazine "People" in 2005, Kidman won second place in the list of most expensive actresses.

... In spite of the tight shooting schedule, Nicole Kidman finds time for private life - in June 2006, she married country singer, Keith Urban.

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